Sunday, February 10, 2013

Work all day and Party all night!

Since I have not updated my blog lately I have so many pending post to do so I'm doing it one by one. 
After the Star City Tour the next day, I went out with my Friends Aika, Abby and Gelo. Our itinerary that night would be Mercato at BGC, then Party all night.

we had our dinner at Mercato at BGC to get some energy.  Lots of food. Name it and they have it, lol.

not that hungry that night so i just ordered Grilled Garlic Chicken.and mango juice.

Jonah joined us in Mercato that night since she have shift she did'n

my mouth is

with my ever dearest friendship.

for dessert  we have Moist Chocolate cake and  Cookies and Cream cake.

 After the eating we took a Cab and went to Malate for Party.

on the cab, Abby is still not done eating. what an appetite.hehe

We stop over 7 eleven to buy something and get some courage to go to the party!!!!!!!

Photo bombers alert. haha!

Lets go Pink Team. lol We never plan to wear pink that night but unfortunately look at us.! 

On the first look it looks like I'm kissing someone. lol

we laft the bar around 3AM and wet directly back to Market Market to have some coffee as planned but it turns out to be a food trip.
Before we settle down we did our little photo shoot again.

Oh Aika kaw na herbivore! lol

With bloggers Aika and Abby!




Wow Endorser!

Aivi galit na galit sa katext.hehe.

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