Monday, April 30, 2012

Coffe + Chat + Friendship + Forever

Edrish, Hazel n Me.

 with Andrei and Hazel.
 Hazel n Me
 RJ and Jonah
 The Pack!    L-R  ( RJ, Jonah, Pia, Al, Edrish, Andrei, Hazel and Me!)
 Us photo was taken by Edward the Guard. hehehe
 Jonah as ALWAYS!
Bidding our goodbye to one of our friend Edrish. Enjoy your Singapore Journey!

Working :P

Sorry sa delay Fil.
As requested by Fil. I need to edit this article. Hope you're happy now. LOL!


On our extra time we try to relax and pose. One way for us to release stress from work! Say Cheese! Im with Abby, Marky.

The Other Side of Me

One of my favorite pastime is to take pictures. I am a photographer wanna be. I like playing with my camera. Tignan nyo naman trying pa..pero lets take it slow and we'll get there.


I enjoyed this movie! Especially I spend it with Jonah, Hazel and Bimby and Bimby's friend BonBon. Laugh trip to the max.Wait for my next post I'll include the photos!

wait what??? :D

check it out here:

This is awesome different flavors! HEAVEN!!!!! :DDDDD

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yeah ! I know it seems impossible but hopefully I could this before July 23, 2012. I will try my best to burn this fats stored in my belly and get some ABS.

The Fish will follow.

 I was really amazed by this when I see it in a blog. Just point the mouse on the screen and the fish will follow the pointer. haha :D cute! You can also feed them by clicking!

you can download it here:


Still trying to finish these 3 books :-)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Gong Cha

Tried Gong Cha and I like it! I also like their  process that you have to choose the sweetness level of the drink of your choice. You must try this one. So refreshing!


I really love it if its summer. BEACH, SUN, SAND, SHADES, TAN, best of all VACATION.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


D + A


First time I tried Jamba Juice and I love the taste. Not too sweet and you will know your sipping healthy food.   
I know if your health conscious you will love this! Enjoy it with your friends as well.
-I'm with Aika, Abby and Jonah  that day.