Saturday, May 25, 2013

Time to SWAP My Watch. My Way.

To be honest I'm not really a fan of watches before. I always says that they are not important since I already have clock on my phone, but after purchasing my pair of watches from Tomato I got hooked. I like buying Tomato watches and also give it as a gift to friends or relatives because I know that, you will never go wrong with watch as a gift.

Last Wednesday Tomato launched their new watch called SWAP. It comes with several Face and Straps! You can mix and match the colors. You can always visit Tomato's website for more info!

Here are the photos form the event!

I become a paparazzo on that day! a lot of celebs ,bloggers and athlete.

Spotted Gretchen Ho 
Cant get my camera off with her. She's pretty. IC Mendoza was also there.

And Finally saw him! David Guison. Unfortunately he's not facing the camera. 

David with another blogger Seph  Cham.

I'm a Fan really.haha.

I forgot the name of this pretty lady. 

Sorry puro likod yung photos, but that was Nico Salva of Ateneo Blue Eagles with Simon Atkins of La  Salle

David Guison and Seph Cham

Simon Atkins with Nicole Anderson and I forgot the name of the male host.

Nakaharap nga blurred naman. haha 
Another Gretchen Ho.

Also Lissa Kahayon was there with David Guison

Mellisa Ricks sorry I'm nor really good in taking photos.haha

That's Rachel Anne Daquis of FEU Tamaraw

In the event, they have this activity that allows you to create your own design. 

Look who loves Tomato! hehe

Cute Aztec Design Created by blogger Seph Cham

My Friend's Art Patrick design also won the contest but he is not there so his price was forfeited. *sayang. 

They also Launch the Face of  Swap watches that has designs and you have 8 designs that you could chose from..

This is one of the designs. The Guitar Face.

The Zombie Hand Face.

The Kidlat Face

These are the Plain Color Face.

They have all these varieties of strap that you can choose from.

Happy Ryan he got his own pair of watch!

This is the first color I purchase. Love Black and white because its simple yet elegant.

Ryan had the "Be the Change Design" and mine was the Navy Strap and a Gold Face.

Endorser ang peg.haha.

Lights kung Lights! haha  

I bought 2 straps for the gold face and chose this Gray strap.

Time to SWAP!



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