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Our Baguio getaway! I'm too busy lately and too lazy as well to upload these photos!haha :D but i guess now is the time to have this uploaded. Me and Ryan decided to visit Baguio for our 2 years and 11 months churva.haha. That was an amazing trip and my first time in Baguio so really I made the most out of it! Kaya dami ko photos na nakuha at kaya may part 1 at part 2 ang post na to.haha. You would really fall in love sa weather in Baguio,specially in the morning, (cuddle weather)haha. Enough with the talk and here are the photos!

We like travelling I know almost all of us would like to visit places.  

Our Bus ticket ready for a 7 hours long trip!

We took Victory Liner Bus. You can visit the Victory Liner's webite here: Victory Liner

We slept along the way to gain some energy! kaya walan picture.hehe. On our way to Baguio we had 2 stops, 15 minutes each. you can go to the restroom or you can buy foods to eat.

Our First Stop after 3 hour ride.
We did not eat here actually mahal ang food.

So we look for the nearest McDonalds para maka tipid.haha

I ordered burger and fries for lunch, I'm not that hungry naman kasi. 

Then back to Bus para dun kumain. Mahirap na baka maiwan ng!

Since we have energy na dahil nakakain at nakatulog na, Picture nanaman.hehe.

Lollipop for dessert. haha.

Ryan was so busy watching "Inception" sa bus.

After  2 hours na bus ride ulit we're here on our second stop.

Nahihilo na si Ryan on this part of the trip! haha .

Bagowwt moment sa bus!

At sa waka nandito na kami! we headed to the Transient house na ni reserved ni Ryan to freshen up after he threw up sa bus.hahaha..

after we settled our belongings in our room we went to SM Baguio to buys some foods and things we need. SM Baguio Photos will be added on the part 2 post nalang.hehe.

 Day 2

We woke up early  for an early run at Baguio. Yes we still managed to become fit while we travel!haha.

Ready for the early morning Jog at Burnham Park!

stretching stretching din pag my time! lol.

We jog for almost an hour and a half! 

Napagod sa Jog.

did some ab work out! 

When we're done with the jog and little work out we went biking. I miss riding a bike ang tagal na din na nakapag bike ako and guess what i still know how.haha.

We chose this type of bike because ang lakas lang maka Koreanovela ang peg! haha. May basket sa front and malalagyan mo pa ng gamit mo.

Inikot namin ang Burnham Park then Umuwi na to freshen up and to have our breakfast!

We had an hour rest after we ate our breakfast, then we continue with our tour and the the first place we visited was the Lourdes Grotto!

Sabe ni Ryan walking distance lang from our room papuntang Grotto pero 'di nya sinabe sobrang matarik pala ang walking distance na yun. kakaloka! haha. at take note tanghaling tapat pa ata yun so pahirap talaga.

Finally nasa Grotto na nga kami at take note 'di pa kami na kakaakyat ng hagdanan na haggard na ako.haha.

Konti pa lang pero hingal much na ako! haha

Almost there! Push pa natin konti! haha.

Finally we reached the top, and no regrets because the view there was AWESOME! 

The Lourdes Grotto! 

You can feel the holiness of the place.

Prayed for a while then we left the place ng magaan ang pakiramdam.

Always remember that HE is there to guide you! 

We ride a jeep back to Burnham Park! 

From Burnham Park we took a cab going to Mines View Park.

Photos were taken while the cab was running,

Our second stop was Mines View Park 
A Very nice view from the restaurant. I forgot the name pero nasa helera lang din sya ng mga restaurant doon, the one with the grocery store outside.

Nagutom na kami masyado kaya di na namin na picutran and pag kain,lol..  We had Bulalo for lunch btw.
After ng Lunch Umulan ng very hard so na tengga kami for an hour siguro pero pagkatapos ng isang oras na nasayang tumila din so continue sa pag iikot.

You can rent this Igorot Costume for 10 php lang . Mukha na ba akong Igorot???

Niki Minaj horse??haha.

Lets end muna our Baguio trip here at Mines View Park and will continue it to the Part 2. Hope you've enjoyed the trip.

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