Sunday, May 19, 2013


Spending your birthday with the people you cherish  the most would be extra amazing.I am very happy that I have them in my life. They make it memorable my stay here in this world. I'm so thankful to have you guys in my life!

A present from my sweetest ever friend Hazel. Thanks for this lil' surprise.

My boo. Thanks for always being there for me! you're my wall and my beautiful nightmare. <3 

Ryan, Me,  Hazel and Edrish. Thank you for coming guys!

Bimby my running buddy and Ryan my boo.

Dian and Kate thank you much for coming! Love you both! stay in love!

"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional."

Pretty Kate! 
My Birthday Cake!  
Thanks for this cute cake Kate and Dian.

Happy 25th Birthday to me!
Kate and Hazel Singing Happy Birthday! Happy Me.

Effort much Kate??haha

Birthday Kiss from my two loves!

Barney is burningggggg!!!! lol..

Thanks for making it memorable Guys! Love you so much!

Poor Cake..

Busy replying to all the greetings i got from my friends online. lol 

Party Hat!

hmmm .. mukhang masaya naman sila sa Party..haha

The people i cherished most! 

you  look sad Bimby? want more cake???

after dinner we still have to work.

Better late than never! thank you Pot!

at ang missing sa Dinner Party ko! but still love parin kita Friend Jonah!

Thank You would never be enough  to show you how I really appreciate having you all guys in my life  and for making my birthday memorable. <3

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