Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Perks of being a Wallflower

I had finished the book yesterday and was amazed by the story. I can somehow relate to every character of the story especially Charlie and Patrick stories. I want to watch the movie but unfortunately was not able to. Lucky I am I was able to borrow the book to one of my friend.

Here is the summary:

Fifteen-year-old Charlie is coping with the suicide of his friend, Michael. To lessen the fear and anxiety of starting high school alone, Charlie starts writing letters to a stranger, someone he heard was nice but has never met in person. (Kind of like when we write letters to Paul Ruddbefore we go to sleep.)
At school, Charlie finds a friend and mentor in his English teacher, Bill. He also overcomes his chronic shyness and approaches a classmate, Patrick, who, along with his step-sister Sam, become two of Charlie's BFFs.
During the course of the school year, Charlie has his first date and his first kiss, he deals with bullies, he experiments with drugs and drinking, and he makes friends, loses them, and gains them back. He creates his own soundtrack through a series of mix tapes full of iconic songs, reads a huge stack of classic books, and gets involved in the Rocky Horror Picture Show audience-participation culture.
Charlie has a relatively stable home life, though, with supportive, if distant, parents to fall back on. Unfortunately, a disturbing family secret that Charlie has repressed for his entire life surfaces at the end of the school year. Charlie has a severe mental breakdown and ends up hospitalized.
Charlie's final letter closes with feelings of hope: getting released from the hospital, forgiving his aunt Helen for what she did to him, finding new friends during sophomore year, and trying his best not to be a wallflower. Charlie hopes to get out of his head and into the real world, participating in life instead of just watching it fly by.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stay or Leave?

This past few weeks I've been getting sick and tired of my job. I thought because of sudden change of weather but it come to a point that it might be the stress on the work.I know I need my work for me to pay for my bills and also to send my siblings to school, but lately its kinda frustrating that the work load is increasing and it seems like to much too handle that you would realy think of giving up.

But the other side of it, I don't want to leave because you were able to know people who become your friends and usually they are the reason to make life here meaningful. Right now I can't really decide if I will leave or I will stay.

I will leave this as a pending question and will see what would be the answer in the future.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Me and Ryan watched this  movie last Sunday. At first I was so excited to watch the movie, but when we are inside the movie house and watching half of the movie I find it boring but when as the movies continue until it ends it scares the hell out of me.! That was the first time I get terrified with the movie.
One also of the reason probably because the people inside the cinema was so scared and they are shouting their heart out to death.

This is one of the scenes that freak me out.

also this one. this is so creepy.

I recommend this movie. You will enjoy the movie.  

Check it here for the Plot and the Trailer.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

ATENEO "One big Fight" 5 peat

Last October 11, 2012 Ateneo won against UST in the the basketball finals of UAAP Season 75. I would like to congratulate my favorite UAAP basketball Team ever. It was an amazing game. That was their 5th straight win. Go ATENEO!

Bakit wala si Chris Tiu dito???

Nico Salva

Kiefer Ravena 

Ang laki naman Nico Salva.

This is bittersweet event for ADMU Coach Norman Black since the that was his last game with Ateneo. Its Nico Salva's last game as well. Even though they will be leaving the team I know Ateneo blue eagles will still continue soaring high in the future.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life Instructions!

For you to live your Life to the fullest you should follow this instructions.

I'm Sick

I've been sick for 3 days now. I don"t know why I got sick lately. One of my friend said that it might be my lack of sleep lately. As I searched yeah lack of sleep is one of the reason why we are getting sick. Here are some tips on how we can avoid getting sick.

1.Wash your hands.
- You get sick for one reason and one reason only: germs. Bacteria and viruses make you ill by finding a way into your body through physical contact. Don’t let them get you.

2. Don’t touch your face.
- Even if your hands are relatively clean, chances are some germs will find a way to survive there. But these parasites will only compromise your health if they can get into your body. The easiest place to transmit illness is through mucous membranes such as your eyes, mouth and nose. Keep your hands away from your face (and food) and make it difficult for germs to find you.

3.Avoid sick people.

- Germs are everywhere, but they are particularly concentrated in people who are sick. Keep these people away from you and disinfect everything they touch. I especially recommend avoiding anyone who regularly works with children (aka little disease factories) like teachers and pediatricians. Sorry guys, you’re contagious!

4. Don’t eat group food. 
- In flu season, I completely avoid large party dips that involve dipping directly into the bowl rather than scooping with a clean spoon onto individual plates. Why? People may use the hand they just sneezed in to turn a chip around a few times until they find the perfect dipping angle. That means they are adding their nasty germs directly into the salsa.

5. Get enough sleep.
- Although I haven’t actually gotten sick, there have been times when I felt as though I might come down with something (this last weekend for instance). One of the best ways I found to avoid getting seriously sick is to get extra sleep for a few days. Recently this recommendation was backed up by some hard science on sleep and illness.

6. Don’t drink alcohol. Another way to avoid coming down with something serious if you are starting to get sick is to skip on drinking for a few days. According to a new study drinking large amounts affects your immune system, making it weaker for 24 hours.

7. Hydrate. When your body is fighting an illness your immune system is working overtime. Make sure it has everything it needs to function at its best, including plenty of water.

8. Skip a workout.
- If you feel like you might be getting sick but aren't sure, don’t go to the gym. Your body needs all its extra resources to fend off whatever virus or bacteria you've been exposed to, so save all the energy you've got.

9. Eat well.
- You may be disinclined to eat if you aren’t feeling well, but be sure that whatever you do manage to get down is nutritious and healthy. It’s not a good idea to eat foods that induce inflammation (simple sugars and starches) when your body is already weakened.

10. Take your vitamins.
- One of the most consistent things I've noticed that correlates with my health is how often I take multivitamins, and especially vitamin D. Most of us are deficient, so taking 2,000-4,000 IU is a good idea for almost everyone.

Alright so I hope those simple steps would help you increase you"re immune system and also to avoid getting sick.

click here source.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Bumble Bee

My new baby was named bumble bee. I super like my phone right now. I didn't know BlackBerry is a nice phone. I named him bumble bee because of its color. 

 I don't like to put cover on it but I have no choice, to further avoid damage on my bumble bee.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

new baby is coming...

I'm so excited for my new baby to come. Yes I have a new baby. He is black,sleek,shiny and curvy.
Yes! after a long  wait I will have it now, hopefully today! My new baby is the Blackberry Curve 9300. I  purchased it only at a very cheap price from one of my friend. I'm so excited for the new baby to come.

here's the specifications.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

YES or NO and LOVE of SIAM

Pie (Sucharat Manaying) is a sweet girl who moves into a new college dorm room where she finds out that her new roommate Kim (Supanart Jittaleela), is a tomboy who looks and dresses like a boy. As their friendship develops, Pie and Kim begin to wonder if the feeling they feel for one another is just an ordinary friendship or true love.

Me and Jonah spent an hour and a half watching this movie in the office. I find this short film cute and and interesting. A cute movie and not that ordinary since its a lesbian love story. I remembered the last Thai movie I watched, that was the counterpart of this movie I guess. The title of that movie is the "Love  of Siam"

Here is the Plot of the movie:

Ten-year old Mew and Tong are neighbors. Mew is a soft-featured but stubborn kid, while Tong is a more masculine, energetic boy who lives with his parents and sister, a Roman Catholic Thai family. After accidentally spitting gum into Mew's hair, Tong wants to befriend Mew, but the quiet boy and his outgoing neighbor are not initially close. At school, effeminate Mew is teased by several other students and harassed until Tong steps in to defend him. Tong receives injuries and now they begin a friendship. Tong apologizes to Mew for the chewing gum incident. Mew is grateful for Tong stepping in and responds that now they are even. Mew plays on his late grandpa's piano and is joined by his grandma, who begins to play a song. Mew asks his grandma why she liked that song and his grandma responds by telling Mew that it was played for her by his grandpa. It was a way for him to express his love to her and she explains that one day, Mew will understand the meaning of the song.
Tong's family is going on vacation to Chiang Mai and his older sister, Tang, begs her mother to be allowed to stay on with her friends a couple days more. Tong buys Mew a present and decides to give it to Mew piece by piece in a game of Treasure Hunt, a tradition in his family. One by one, Mew finds all of the pieces except for the last one which is hidden in a tree. The tree is cut down just as Mew is about to retrieve it leaving the present Tong bought for Mew incomplete. Tong is disappointed at their misfortune, but Mew remains grateful for Tong's efforts.
Tang calls her parents from Chiang Mai and tells them that she will be extending her stay in Chiang Mai until the 24th of December. Tong looks at his calendar and realizes that Tang will not be able to attend the Christmas play he would participate in. The parents worry about their daughter. Tang cannot be reached. After the Christmas play, Tong receives a phone call from his parents telling him to stay with Mew and his grandma. After spending the night at Mew's house, Tong awakens to the sight of his parents along with Mew and his grandma. His parents go to Chiang Mai to look for their daughter Tang, who may have gotten lost on a trek into the mountains. Tong becomes devastated that his sister is missing, and cries as Mew tries comfort his friend.

Months have passed and Tong's family decides to move to another part of Bangkok. On the day of the move, Tong finds Mew sitting on a ledge overlooking a pier. Tong says his final words and departs in a car. Tong looks back only to find Mew walking towards the car before coming to a stop and crying for losing his best friend.
Six years pass; Tong's father is a severe alcoholic, due to his guilt for losing his daughter. Tong has a pretty--but uptight--girlfriend, Donut. Tong and Mew are reunited during their senior year of high school at Siam Square. The musically talented Mew is the lead singer of a boy band called August. The meeting stirs up old feelings that Mew has harbored since boyhood, his love for Tong.
The manager of Mew's band, Aod, instructs the young musicians--their songwriter Mew in particular--that they must write a song about love in order to sell more records. He assigns them a new assistant manager, June. Coincidentally, June looks just like Tong's missing sister, Tang. When Tong eventually meets her, he and his mother, Sunee, devise to a plan to hire June to pretend she is Tang, in hopes that it will pull Tong's father out of his alcoholic depression. "Tang" borrows a story from the Thai film Ruk Jung, saying she has amnesia, which is why she says a Buddhist prayer of thanks instead of Catholic Grace at the dinner table. Amazingly to Sunee, June seems to know too much of the family's past. Tang passes it off as her creative imagination.

Mew is also the object of an unrequited crush of an obsessive neighbor girl, Ying, who is trying to use a voodoo doll and other tricks to make the boy like her. Unfortunately for her, Mew is more interested in his boyhood friend Tong, who has now become the inspiration for writing the new songs. The manager, as well as the entire band, are all impressed with Mew's composition.
As part of the deception with "Tang," a backyard party is held in honor of her return, and Mew's band August provides the entertainment. Singing the new love song for the first time in public, Mew's eyes lock intensely with Tong's. June notices this. After the party, everyone has left and the two boys are left alone in the yard. They share a prolonged kiss. Unseen, Tong's mother Sunee accidentally witnesses this. The next day, she goes to meet Mew and firmly instructs him to stay away from her son. When Tong finds out that his mother has interfered, an argument ensues, but she has succeeded in creating a rift between the teens which persists for some time. Mew is heartbroken and loses his musical inspiration, so he quits the band.

At Christmas time, as Tong and his mother are decorating their Christmas tree, he finally finds a way to show her how controlling she is. June has saved money and about the same time heads off in a bus to Chiang Mai. Whether June and Tang were the same person, we will never know.
Tong goes to Siam Square for a date with Donut. Mew has rejoined the band, and they are playing nearby. Tong abandons Donut, telling her they are no longer together. He then rushes to see Mew play and is guided there by Ying, who has accepted the fact that Mew loves Tong. After the performance, Tong gives Mew his Christmas gift, the missing nose from the wooden doll that Tong gave him when they were children. Tong then says to Mew, "I can't be your boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I don't love you."
The film ends with Mew putting the missing nose back to the wooden puppet, saying "thank you" and crying quietly.

Every time I watched this movie I feel so in-love and its dramatic and touching. This is one of the gay themed movie I watch that I will never forget. I really liked the line in the movie "I can't be your boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I don't love you."