Monday, February 11, 2013

2 years and 8 months!

Started our day with a cup of tea. I personally like milk tea's so I decided to order for Honey Milk Tea while waiting for Ryan.

 They have promo buy 1 take 1. I ordered the hot because I was not feeling well and cold is not good for me.

Try to drop by as well to I tea at market market.  They have varieties of flavors as well.

Mr. LATE!!!! 

 Enjoying my Cup of Tea.

Yes I don't know if their promo is until when but you should try their Free Kiss. Unfortunately I didn't get one.

They have a cozy place.

After the TEA we bought movie tickets and watch this scary movies.

while waiting for the movie.

Jonah and Denneb passed by to say hi.

Movie Time.

After the Movie we had our Dinner at Banapple.

We are next and I'm hungry/Sleepy..

Ryan ordered "Bacon fried chicken steaks with milk'shroom gravy"

for Me its "Lasagna Roll ups"

after we're full took a walked to BGC and stayed at Fullybooked

Love it when i am surrounded by books.

listening to some tracks of 1Direction..haha 

'till next time.


  1. epc ang last pic post ' luv it chubby kdin frend #loller

    1. I really appreciate the post abby.haha kahit nilait mo ako.haha..

  2. That tea looked really good and so did the food! :)

    1. Yes it does taste good.thanks for the visit again friend.


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