Saturday, September 29, 2012

my gadgets...


I had this netbook for almost a year now. I purchased it August 25, 2011. I choose red becuase red is one of my favorite color. I liked also how it waas designed and the size you can carry it anywhere.


I had this camera less than a year I guess. I forgot the date of purchase but I know I will be fully paid this camera this month. Right now this camera is not with me because my sister borrowed it from me. I missed my camera already. I hope he is fine. 

This is the first device I purchased with my salary. I had it for almost 2 years I guess. I had it repair once since it will not worked but now its working. I still have one problem on this phone the headset port is defective. I'm planning to purchase a new phone this year. I'm planning to buy either Sony Ericson  or the HTC phone.

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