Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last September 18 Maroon 5 had their concert again here in Manila. This is the first time I attended a concert and I was very happy to enjoyed it with Maroon 5. The band really rocks araneta that night. They did not disappointed the fans. Unfortunately we don't have camera with us and we only have the camera of our phones.

See.. More more ang tao...

The concert was started by their front act "The Cab", which I'm not familiar with. hehe.

That's Jonah, Ryan, Me, Hazel, Bimby and Pot

this is the shirt Ryan gave me, I wore this on the concert.

Credits to this link where I got the photos: here
Here is the setlist of their performance.

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough(Michael Jackson cover)
Makes Me Wonder
Lucky Strike
Sunday Morning
If I Never See Your Face Again
Wipe Your Eyes
Won’t Go Home Without You
Harder To Breathe
Wake Up Call
One More Night
Hand’s All Over
This Love
Don’t Forget Me(Red Hot Chili Peppers cover)

Seven Nations Army(The White Stripes cover )
She Will Be Loved(acoustic)
Stereo Hearts
Don’t You Want Me(The Human League cover)
Sexy Back(Justin Timberlake cover)
Moves Like Jagger

Here are some video clips I was able to capture. Sorry phone lang to eh.

After the concert we looked for a place to dine out. We ate at Yoohoo because we got hungry shouting our heart out and also for singing so loud.

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