Sunday, September 9, 2012

27th Month and Counting..

Me and my "BestFriend" meet today. We celebrated our 27th month of friendship,love and misunderstandings. As we usually do, we always eat and watch movies, but we only eat today (kasi late ako)so we dont have time to watch movie. He ask me to look for a shirt and we tried some and he inform me that he will be paying for the shirt and that is his gift for me. (haay so sweet). That's why I really love YOU! (ang sama ko wala akong gift hehe. Bawi nalang ako next time)  I have opportunity  to capture some moments with him so here are the photos:

Alden Richards one of the endorser of F&H (ang init haha)

Ryan's Gift

Ryan Full of HOPE haha.


and he is thinking.

chicken soup

full plater

We have the same order, to lazy to look on the menu.


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