Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cold Day (-.-)

Ryan and I met again today. This is one of the lonely dates that we had. He's disappointed because I'm late again. (but its the medicines fault)... I was late because I took med for my runny nose and I slept deeply and did not woke up on my set alarm time. I woke up 6 PM and that's the time I told him we would met. I arrived almost 7:00 o'clock, yeah! almost an hour and I would understand him. I am really sorry for what happened. (if you're reading this.) Even though that happens I never forgot to took some photos. 

We ate at Kenny Rogers that time,he is still not talking to me.

His order is always high protein.

Sa subrang galit nya ayan ubos. Kawawang Chiken.

 We roam around the department store and we spotted the converse stall. I like their shoes yet so expensive! I wish I have one!

I like the GREEN in the middle.

I took  a photo of this saying of the upcoming movie "PERKS of BEING a WALLFLOWER" ang cute lang kasi.

I'm interested on this movie. I like seeing Emma Watson and Logan Lerman together.

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