Thursday, March 14, 2013

Missin' a good friend and a mentor.

Sorry, grabbed some of your photos from your Facebook

Working in the call center company had thought me a lot of things in life. One of the lessons i learned as i worked was to gain more friends. Yes it's true that we are there to work not to socialize and to give our best to help the company but we should also know that we still need friends to make your work lighter and day brighter. friends who  could help you in times when you are having problem whether it's work related or personal one.
  One of the person I considered friend and also I could say may best support was "Zab" (actually she was the support of everybody at work.)lol. When we have questions she's always there willingly helping us. We always looked at her as our Product Support. She has a broad idea of the product we support.

Unfortunately in life we all know that only Change is Constant in this worl. Zab decided to leave the company and looked for a "greener pasture". Personally Zab leaving saddened me, but I know she did that for the better. She might have her own personal reasons but I know and trust her with that decision. By the way Zab was also one of the blogger friends I have. I just want to say that I missed you Zabrina Encarnation! haha. I will cherish you as one of my good friend. I wish you all so the best in life and also in your love life. You always inspires me of how you handle your relationship with Glady's. (aayyeee..)lol.

Mahilig din pala si Zab sa "bird" haha . Peace!

Yun oh sino pogi?haha. this was talen on her last day in the office.

See Zab ! special ka saken may tribute ka sa blog ko.haha.I miss you my friend. Hinatyin mo lng kami jan sa new company mo. Pasasaan bat magkakasama din tayo ulit jan.haha.

You can visit her blog here..

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  1. Thanks Dean. I appreciate this much. We'll see each other soon.. again. In the meantime, keep on posting. I'd love to hear stories from you guys. :)


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