Monday, January 21, 2013

Team Inuman (Juan and Joe)

Last Friday Our Team (unfortunately not all of us where there) did our Team Lunch which turned out to be a   Team Inuman. lol. 

We held it @ JUAN and JOE

Grab some photos from Aika's blog . Thanks Aika.

Me and Abby ate BABY BACK Ribs for Lunch!

Sisig for Pulutan

I started drinking their mixed drinks "Bad Joe" and "Juan Tamad" but I'm not really into mixed drinks so I ordered SanMig Lights instead.
"Juan Tamad"

"Bad Joe"

Free Kropek for every 3 bottles. 

Wait what?! still holidays????

Lagot ka Abby!haha

ER doing its thang!

TC Diana and ER

Another Abby and ER.

TC Diana Lasing na. lol

Me and Abby quite TIPSY! (may tama na nga ata c Abby, super red na ng face nya.) lol.

Any Arguments TC Diana and our guest  


Alvin and ER 

seems like KC have a BIG PROBLEM. lol

Gray Ordering

Aika pulang pula na.

lasing na.

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