Sunday, January 6, 2013

photo diary:Working on weekends!

They say working on weekends is boring but for us, I guess not at all! Together with my buddies we make weekend shift and exciting. During weekends its "dressdown" so you can wear your summer outfit in a rainy season. lol. The guards are less strict and they don't usually roam around. you know what they say when the cat is away the mouse will play. We bring foods in the station. Also gadgets are everywhere. lol That's why weekend shift is awesome. On the other hand on weekends we cant party and also there are a lot of calls. :(

with my blogger friend Abby.

 TOMATO watch. doing the macro shots of abby's camera.
 Abby's watch.

 magkamukha raw kami  lol

 with NINA also a blogger.
 with another blogger AIKA.
 lots of seats are vacant.
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 Country styles Bagel with Butter for lunch!

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