Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rest Day Plans

I've been working for 8 days straight this week, Its very TOXIC! I really need a good and stress free rest day. So for me to have a good rest day I need to plan it very well. My original plan is to watch Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters with Ryan and to have a good massage since we have the same rest day, but unfortunately his niece is with him and he will tour her in Star City so I'll just go with them since I've never been to Star City as well. I'm quite excited to go there since I've heard they have new and exciting rides there like with Enchanted Kingdom have. I've been searching online for what Star City could offer and also checking what to expect there. So I'm looking forward for it to Thursday. I will upload photos when I get back.!!!

You can visit the Star City's website here.

On Friday I also have a date with my good friends Abby, Aika and Gelo. We're planning to have a dinner at Mercato in BGC and the rest hmmm.. I guess come what may!lol. Probably well party all night.

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