Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We all love dessert am I right? Ryan treated me with this yummy Frozen Yogurt "Froyo" from Tutti Frutti at Glorietta near the foodcourt area. The place is limited but its very comfy and appealing to  the eyes. They have a lot of flavors to choose from and toppings that you can mix and match!

I ordered Grape flavored Froyo and topped it with Gummy Bears!

Ryan preferred Almond! wonder why he did  not add some toppings.. he wants his froyo  naked I  guess., 

Eating Froyo can put smile to your face.

Happy with my Froyo!

Ryan's so pleased ingesting his Almond Froyo.

You can  visit their website TUTTI  FRUTTI

eating  yogurt have a lot of benefits instead of eating ice cream! 

They have varieties of  flavors you  could crave from.

Warning! after you consume all of your yogurt you'll go crazy! look  at us!  haha.

Look at how happy Ryan. HAHA!

You can always visit any Tutti Frutti store near you! Two thumbs up for the place and the food.  Follow them on their TWITTER and  like them on their FACEBOOK


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