Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fast and Furious 6

Finally they're back in the big screen. The sixth installment of  Fast and Furious. I was not able to watch the movie on its first showing date because of busy schedule. I just watched it last Tuesday with Ryan.

My view: Since the last installment was released almost 2 years ago the feeling of excitement for the sequel of this movie was intensed. Maybe because lots of questions running on our minds, what happened to the characters, Why Letty's back. What will happened next. But after watching the movie all questions were answered, Overall the movie was Awesome, Humor was still there and most of all Action packed. I felt sad that Gal Gadot or Gisele Yashar character died. I find her sexy in the movie. *too sad.
It has a little twist in the end and they also show a lil' bit of what will going to happen in the Part 7 of the film and i know, everybody will get excited for the next installment.

I recommend the movie to all the movie goers and you should not miss this movie if you love cars and action packed film.!

You can  read the plot here:  Fast and Furious 6

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