Saturday, April 6, 2013

Journey Home Part 1

Sorry it takes a while before I was able to post here on my blog. I went home to Iloilo for my summer vacation and also to spend time with family. It's a one week vacay and it was so "bitin". Me and Ryan went home by the way. I enjoyed so much on that vacay. was able again to see friends and especially my family. Our family was again complete and  it was so awesome to see them again. I created a collage on our trip going home.

We checked in early in the airport. We took Cebu Pacific and good thing the flight was not delayed that  day.

We roam around the airport and also ate our lunch before the flight.

Every time I travel I always make it a point that I travel light. Unlike Ryan his baggage was too heavy and he doesn't have a choice but to check it in  and he need to pay P560  for it.  lol!!!
Since we are early, we took our remaining time to have some photo shoot.

boarding time
Photos shoot pa rin sa loob ng eroplano. lol.
Ready for Take Off

when we arrived at Iloilo this was the weather! nice welcome.haha

Finally we are here! Touched down Iloilo International Airport.

Nag enjoy si Ryan sa photo shoot. haha.

After the arrival we've waited for "mom" at the airport. choz lakas maka yaman. haha. Uuwi din kasi nanay ko that day and magkasunod lng flight namin. 

Finally she's here. That's my mother. we havent seen each other for almost 2 years din. 2 of the most important people of my life! Saya.

Next time I will upload other photos napagod sa kakaedit eh..hehe.. bye for now!

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