Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Wishlist!

We all have wishes for this Christmas! Me also have some so I will blog all of them and hopefully one of them will be the gift that I will receive this Christmas!


I like music so I need a good pair of earphones!

2.New Phone.

Who doesn't like new phones right?haha. Right now I'm eyeing Cherry Mobiles Titan because its cheap yet its Android and have a big screen.


These are the two cameras that I would like to have. Love them coz' their  handy and took great pictures.


Time is very important so we need to have watch also as my favorite blogger said watch is for "Style and Function"


I just want new shoes. haha.


In our job a jacket is really needed. So I want jacket!haha


As they say to complete your outfit you should accessorize.

In order for me to carry all my things I need to have backpack!


If you smell good it will boost your confidence!

10. MP3 player.

As I mention I love music that's why a good mp3 player or a shuffle would be appreciated!

So if you have plans of giving me a gift this Christmas you already have the idea. haha. Merry Christmas to all!

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