Monday, March 26, 2012

Wish List

 Christmas is still far, yet  I have this list on my mind the things I wanna have.

Lets start with CAMERAS. 


To capture precious memories that will last a lifetime even if you may not!!! That way you can still be shared with other people even though you may be gone from them!!

 Next is PHONE.

Phone is important for communication, connecting with your love ones even they are far.  The evolution of the phones right now is making our life comfortable. 

Then Computer/Laptop

one of the device that making our life comfortable is  computers. You can express how you feel to the world with just a single click. They make you up- to date with everything. Having this would surely make your life a piece of cake.       

Televisions  and Home Theater System

          When you have this on your house, specifically in your entertainment room, there is no need for you to buy tickets in the cinema house.       

Last but definitely not the least is a GAMING CONSOLES.

You can enjoy games that will hype you up and also one way for you to relieve yourself from this stressful life.

OVERALL if you have all these things with you, YOU ARE THE BOSS!

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  1. yesssss! gusto ko ng pentax cam. pero yung hot pink :)


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