Monday, March 26, 2012

The things I look forward on my rest day!

This is the first thing I crave sa rest day. I missed this ang hirap kasi there is no store here in Taguig area. :(

and the other thing that I need to do is to watch this movie everyone's taking about.

Looking forward for this movies because of the reviews and also the word of mouth from my friends.

5 Facts About ‘The Hunger Games’ Movie
5. There is Action and Violence
4.There's No Soapy 'Twilight' Romantic Stuff
3. It's Not Just a Clone of That Film You Saw Before
2. Director Gary Ross has Skills
1. The Cast Has Skills Too

The best thing on that as well is your'e enjoying it with your special someone right???

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  1. I was very happy that I was able to fulfilled all of these craving on my RD.
    The movie was awesome and you'll enjoy every scene. The best movie and you'll love the characters as well.

    Happy Lemon is the best as well. I did tried the Coffee with rock salt and cheese and it is refreshing.


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