Monday, July 1, 2013

Escalation's Karaoke Night (Photo Diary)

Here's a photo diary of our recent team building. We did karaoke this time. Nevertheless here's the photos on what happened.

our original plan was to held it at Chicago K-TV & Restaurant but unfortunately it was fully booked and their rates are expensive. so we decided to take T2 Mars K-TV.

That was my second time in T2 Mars. The food here is great. I love their Fried Chicken and the Crispy Squid Head.

We ordered Nachos as well. 

cheese sticks

Sizzling Hotdog

Sizzling Sisig

Our supportive TC Diana.


bottoms up!

TC with the boys. haha.

and the girls.

Sharon - Gabby Love team lng ang peg. haha.

Famous Raiza Mae's Look Up pose! Esca style.

ang aming birit queen.

After the fun Karaoke and lots of drinks we stop over to Starbucks to have some coffee.

Our Ever Loving mother! You're the best!


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