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Last November 16 to 18 me and my buddies went to Baler in Aurora. We left manila  12 o'clock because Jack was late. We traveled almost 8 hours from Manila to Baler, we only have on stop over to pee and to have something to eat from Jollibee. That was a very long trip.
     When we arrived we just checked in at Bay's Inn and headed to their restaurant for our dinner. We ordered their best sellers Spicy Crispy Pata, Bulalo, Sinigang, Lechon Kawali and their sizzling Pusit. The food is awesome, after the sumptuous dinner we went back to the room and took a little rest and we started our "inuman" session.  Jack suggested a game, the ABC GAME! that was so awesome game. nerve wracking and super fun. We finished the Tequila in no time. We went to beach front to lit the Lantern Edrish brought and we headed back to our rooms and that's our first day ended.

Next day our wake up call supposed to be 10 am but we woke up earlier and roam around the beach front. We ate breakfast again in the resto of the Inn, We were supposed to do our surfing activity that day but Edrish and others woke late that's why we have it move on the next day. While eating breakfast we planned our next activity and that is "Trekking". We went back to our room after the breakfast and took some rest for the trek while Edrish, Hazel, Gaia and Jack rented an ATV to drive around the beach front. At around 12 noon we ate our lunch at a mini carenderia near our place. "tipid mode na" haha. after the Lunch we left the area and headed to the trekking site and we trekked our way to Mother Falls. We trekked 1.3 km to Mother Falls. We crossed almost 5 streams. When we reached the falls we were amazed by the beauty and we did not missed its clear cold water and we dipped in. We spent 30 mins. in the water taking photos and swimming and enjoying the scenery. We went back and drive back to town to eat dinner. We ate dinner at Gerry's Eat All You Can. We feasted on their food. The food was superb. I ate a lot on that dinner. I like their Calamares, Sisig, Fried Shrimp, and for the Nth time Crispy Pata!!! after the sumptuous dinner we went back to our Inn and took a bath and we took a nap for another "inuman" session to finish the day. On the second night we drank Jack Daniels brought by Gaia. We didn't have a game that night but we just talked laugh and we did get to know each and everyone there. We slept and rested for the next day activity and that was SURFING!.

Last Day!Me, Ryan, Kate and Dian woke up early because we are excited for SURFING. We fixed ourselves and headed to beachfront to inquire about how much the surfing lesson was. Its cheap for an hour surf it would be Php350 and that includes the trainer, surfboard and the rush guard to avoid getting burned from the sun. We waited for an hour before we were able to surf. We had a little training on the sand and after that my trainer brought me and my surfboard to the beach and instruct me what to do. On his queue I was able to ride the waves. At first it was expected that you will really  fall but after 3 times of falling a was able to ride the surf board and it was surreal . It was amazing riding the waves. I got tired after 30 mins of surfing because we have not eaten our breakfast yet that day, but still I continued surfing and finished the one hour time. Surfing was amazing. That was the first time I tried it and it was incredible experience. We went  back to resto to have our breakfast. While eating we reviewed all the photos we took on the surfing. We went back to our rooms to  take a shower and fixed our things for our City Tour.
     For our City Tour we went first on the old House of Aurora the wife of late president Manuel L. Quezon. We saw their the old house how it was preserved and the old presidential car. on the other side of the road was the  Baler Church. 
     We drove to Baler Museum to revisit their history. We took photos and learned through thier history, walking distance  was a little kiosk of street foods where in they sell Isaw, Betamax, Buchi, One day old chick, balot, kwek kwek and many more. For our last stop,  after eating we drove again to a Pasalubong Center to buy some Pasalubong and we gatther again together in the van and drove back to manila.

That Baler experience was Superb and Amazing. I  enjoyed it so much. I'm happy that I have gained friends and memories to cherish forever.

Here are the photos we have. thanks to Edrish, Kate and Hazel's Cameras.

Sarap ng JD!!!

Nalasing na sa JD.

Me and Ryan

2nd night of "inuman"

To the "Mother falls"

Beach Front

Pagod na si Dian sa Trek.

One of the river we crossed

Gaia and Haze at Museum "naghahanap ng follower oh" haha/

Success sa surfing.!!!!!!

what to eat!!! Can't decide...

Aurora's House (house of Manuel Quezon's Wife.)

lasing mode.

after the 2nd night inuman, back to our room!

Kakapagod mag surf promise.

1st night inuman with Ryan and Hazel.

I like the color of the surf board!

Surfing 101: Yes I was able to ride the board.

Kate @ museum

Before we start the Trek.

Ryan praying at Baler Church

Our Sky Lantern we lit it up on our first night in Baler

2nd night inuman with Hazel and Gaia

Another river to cross.

where we have stayed

The "mother falls"

while lighting up our Sky Lanterns.

Prepin our Lantern.

1st night inuman

go Hazel kaya mo yan friend!!!!!

Yes Edris Antok na. haha.

Cuervo on our first night!

Baler Church 

One of the surfers of Baler.

Haler Baler!

cute ng surfboard.

Me, Edrish and Hazel.

The ABC game! 

Riding the Waves!

Me and HAzeL

Sky lantern!

Pretty Gaia "kamukha ni Rhea Santos"

after the tiring surfing!

BFF's Kate and Hazel

See How Kate Surf! parang PRO!.

Jose Cuervo! 

Nag enjoy ako dito! Dami ko inorder.

Hot surfer gals.

Ryan, Me and Kate.

Super Lamig ng tubig dito pero wala kami paki. 

Registration before mag Trek.

Habol Edrish!

My red board!

Gaia riding the presidential car of Manuel Quezon. Ikaw na girl!

Kate sending her Sky Lantern.

Look at me Gaia.hehe.

Me and Ryan

Old clock @ Museum


PAGOD na! Ayawan na.

Waiting for the waves.

waiting for our turn to surf!


BFF's Kate,Drish and Haze.

Dian saying goodbye to her Lantern.

Go Gaia, Go.

Ryan is surfing!

Surfing 101 ni Haze!

Goal : Lasingin si Jack!haha.


Ryan is ready!

Gaia and Haze.

Surfing Lessons.

Spicy Crispy Pata!

One down! hehe. Poise pa din si Madame!hehe

Manuel Quezons Car!


Edrish room.

sa balkonahe!

ang sweet!

Wow Pro na Pro oh!

kayo na winner!

enjoying their Hotdog!

kate driving the Presidential car

baler church!

enjoying the photos we took after the surf.

Lunch at carenderia! before the trek.

Do you think AMALAYER?

Gaia and Kate !

Ryan and Kate

Again Friend,.. Try and Try,..

Dian is waiting for the wave!

Surfer Boy!

Sending my Sky Lantern

Jack Daniel's

 Buti pa sila nag ATV!

Sige Ryan tamaan mo si Kate.

Jack what happened? lol

I wish, I wish!

Halimaw sa Banga. haha..

Go kate! kaw na!


we are waiting for our breaky!

Kaya mo yan Drish.

Ryan and Me

Beef Steak, beef steak, beef steak!



That's all folks!

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